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How to be a Picture Poster - Crowdsourced photos will show how forests grow back and change, by Carrie Deegan, Forest Notes Magazine, Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests, Summer 2017 (p. 24)

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NH Coastal Volunteers Partner with Picture Post Community volunteers, as part of NH Sea Grant, are helping to monitor salt marsh health in two marshes in coastal NH. The project connects researchers, volunteers, and middle-school students in gaining understanding and appreciation of salt marsh ecosystems.

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Million Dollar Gift - Arlington MA Open Space Committee Video, Aug 2017 John Pickle, the founder of Picture Post, is also a member of the Arlington MA Open Space Committee. He explains the project, where citizens can take pictures at designated locations in town. Million Dollar Gift is a series which celebrates and quantifies the contribution of volunteers on Arlington’s committees and their impact on the community.

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NASA Space Apps Challenge 2017 Picture Post teamed up with UNH undergraduate technology students at the NASA hackathon in April 2017 to brainstorm a prototype interactive Picture Post using cutting edge technologies. We won the local "People's Choice" award - congrats to us!

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Picture Post at the 2016 North American Lakes Management Symposium Lake management can be enhanced by the use of Picture Posts, both by lake managers and citizen scientists. View our presentation at the NALMS symposium:

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Citizen Science Workshop in Brattleboro VT With the help of US Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA's) Making a Visible Difference in Communities Initiative and their Technical Assistance Services for Communities program, several non-profit environmental organizations, Town of Brattleboro, and Vermont Watershed Management Division came together to sponsor a Citizen Science Workshop in April 2016.

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Picture Post - Monitoring the Landscape with Digital Photographs This article in the Bear-Paw Regional Greenways newsletter describes a plan to integrate picture posts into land conservation and monitoring activities.

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Stewards of the North Woods This blog describes a Picture Post workshop at the North Lakeland Discovery Center to draw awareness to our citizen science project. Sixteen participants learned ways to monitor change in their own backyard!

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Reflections as a Landscape Recovers This article describes the devastation and new wonders recorded by a local citizen as a forest recovers from tornado damage - in words and stunning pictures!

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Picture Post is Worth a Thousand Pictures This article in Earthzine has a nice overview of Picture Post, examples, and photographs in the field.


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Science by Smartphone
This article describes how Picture Posts are being integrated into school environmental science classes and pushing the envelope for using smartphones as scientific tools.

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Science or Art? ScienceforCitizens muses about Picture Posts as science and art. This blog post features the Seacoast Science Center Youtube video that got us all wanting to take lots of pictures and was a top 10 visited blog post for the year.

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Using Mobile Phones to Engage Citizen Scientists in Research Read about how citizens are using mobile technologies to contribute to environmental monitoring efforts (PDF).

Record Your World from a Picture Post Volume 28 of Make Magazine, a favorite of DIY enthusiasts, shows you how! By Forest Mims III (requires subscription).

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Penn State Brandywine Picture Post Project This blog describes a plan at Penn State University to monitor the campus landscape along with ongoing campus development projects.
Meet our student!

Crowd-sourced Ecology – the Picture Post
Read the blog and view a video of pictures (with music!) from the first picture post at Menotomy Rocks Park, still going strong.

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start Seacoast Science Center Video

How does the landscape change over the seasons and from year to year? View this video and see for yourself!