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DEW Picture Post is freely available, but, like any worthwhile program, is not free. We depend on community support to bring you our services, new products, and educational materials. Please show how much DEW Picture Post means to you - make a donation today!

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  • Computer hardware and website improvements to store, share, and interpret pictures in our growing photo database.

  • Our monthly e-newsletter.

  • Mobile apps to better expand our coverage at post sites.

  • UNH student internships in exciting areas of computer programming, communications, environmental research, and citizen science.

  • UNH student research projects using our rich set of photo data.

  • Educational webinars and volunteer training.
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canopy app presentation
student sampling snow
student sampling snow

Your Donation will Help us Make a Big Impact Now and for Future Generations

The land, water, and air around us are changing.

Often, the changes are so subtle that we cannot see them without the help of modern technology. Yet they are important indicators of environmental health.

We are building community awareness through the power of digital photographs. We all know the power of observation. DEW Picture Post Network integrates that power into curricula, community action, land protection, enjoyment of the outdoors, and youth development through the medium of digital photographs.

Be a visionary. Be the change. Give and make a difference.

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