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November 2014 - Finding a Picture Post while walking the Grand Trunk Trail in MA.

October 2014 - Bear Paw Regional Greenways' Beaver Pond - a year later.

September 2014 - Estimating the timing of seasonal change in vegetation using pictures at Blue Hill Observatory in MA.

August 2014 - Annual UNH GLOBE Teacher Workshop on how to include Picture Post in outdoor curriculum: and a mystery about our training post!

July 2014 - A student at the Penn State Brandywine campus is using Picture Post to monitor campus development: the campus includes Pic Posts in their master plan!

June 2014 - Announcing our iPhone app! A look at the wide variety of Picture Post projects.

May 2014 - Picture Post Workshop at Lakeland Discovery Center. View and download the 2014 Earth Day Poster.

April 2014 - Winkel Chestnut Farm - using phenology and picture post to predict frost sensitivity in chestnut trees.

March 2014 - Bear-Paw Regional Greenways: Picture Posts for Land Conservation Organizations.

February 2014 - PhenoCam research project. PopClock and other phenology monitoring programs you can join.

January 2014 - The Picture Post as art - the Phenology Phencepost. Summary of 2013. Welcome all new members!

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Your pictures contain a wealth of information. DEW has created software to help you use the properties of color and light and measurements to analyze features in your pictures. The sample activities, guides, and videos on this page describe some of the ways to get the most from your pictures!

Get Started

A Picture Post is an 8-sided platform for taking repeat photographs of the entire landscape and an Up picture of the sky.

  • Check out our Help Page for tips and information on installing a post, taking and uploading photos, and more.

  • Try out our mobile apps!

Plant Monitoring Activities

Learn how to use picture posts for citizen science projects. Monitor your local park, a wetland, a riverbank, or even plants in your own backyard!

  • Adopt a Leaf - Plan and take repeated photographs that capture an event, such as the opening of leaves or flowers in the spring. See how a time-lapse video shows off the dynamic changes captured in your photographs.
  • Adopt a Tree Diameter (DBH) - Plan and take repeated photographs that capture the changing diameter of one or more trees.
  • Adopt a Canopy - Plan and take repeated photographs that capture the changing percent leaf cover in a forest canopy.
  • Adopt a Climate Change Indicator - Track the timing of seasonal changes in greenness in existing pictures.
  • Adopt a Season - Plan and take repeated photographs that capture the changing fall colors in deciduous trees.
  • More Field Studies - Learn how to use picture posts in field studies as part of climate change and other place-based curricula.
  • Set up a Phenology Walk - Learn how to set up your site to highlight seasonal changes, aka - phenology, in plants.
  • Join Project Budburst! - Contribute seasonal information to a national network about plants in your pictures.


Free DEW Software for Analyzing Your Pictures (from Global Systems Science)

Software is available here for both Mac and PC.

We suggest you try out the DEW software in the following order and start exploring your pictures now!
  • ColorBasics
    Color plays an important role in the information contained in digital images. How well do you understand color?
  • DigitalImageBasics 
    Learn about the concepts behind digital image analysis and try out the features of the Analyzing Digital Images program.
  • AnalyzingDigitalImages
    This is THE software tool: use this program for measuring spatial features in pictures such as length and area of items, for doing color analysis to view spectral features, and to measure change in two or more images.
  • ForestAnalysis (included in Analyzing Digital Images) 
    Select an area in the USA and explore how Old Growth forests have changed. How has the forest cover changed in your region or at the location of your Picture Post?

More Activities for Monitoring Vegetation are available on the DEW Site - Click on the logo below to see:

DEW logo

DEW Software Guides (PDF files): Download Acrobat Reader

View our Help Videos: We have created videos to help with using the AnalyzingDigitalImages software.

Looking for Measuring Vegetation Health?

  • MVH (renamed DEW) - The complete original set of MVH materials is now hosted by Global Systems Science at the Lawrence Hall of Science.